Are students required to have a personal computer?

Most students will want to bring their own laptop or desktop computer, but computer requirements vary depending on the specific academic program you are entering. Check with your academic advisor to determine if a specific computer platform is required.

How can I change my BadgerWeb password?

Changing your BadgerWeb password periodically is a good idea.

Remember that the BadgerWeb password [for current SHC students, faculty, and staff] is the same password for your email, library resource off-campus access, and for logging in to any SHC computer while on-campus. When you change your password, it will affect all of these different resources; your username will not change.

If you are a prospective or accepted student for the coming academic year, please contact the HelpDesk (helpdesk@shc.edu or 251.380.2276) for further assistance.

Change your SHC password

Can IT fix my laptop or desktop?

Due to liability issues, the Office of Information Technology cannot repair student owned computers. We will be happy to help you with connectivity issues and viruses and refer you to an appropriate technician if further repairs are needed.

Where can I print?

Burke Library has large printers on each floor that can be accessed by all of the public computers in the library. Students receive a yearly printing budget that is included in the student fees.

What if I don't have my own computer?

There are public access computers available on each floor of the Burke Library. The Wilkins Computer Lab (Burke 123) is open 24 hours with a valid student ID.