Windows 7 Update

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a popup on my computer regarding Windows XP. What does it mean?

Microsoft has stopped creating updates for the XP operating system.

What do I need to do?

You do not need to do anything. The process of upgrading XP machines will be handled by IT, and has already begun.

What are the differences between XP and Windows 7?

From the user standpoint, there is very little difference. If you are curious, please visit the link below, “Getting started with Windows 7.”

Why are we going to Windows 7 instead of the Windows 8?

Windows 8 has a steep learning curve for the users. Moving to Windows 7 can be done much more economically and has less of a disruptive impact with regard to the need for training, other software upgrades that would be required across the campus, and equipment. Windows 7 will be supported through January 2020 and is still a viable product.

When will my computer be upgraded?

The project is currently underway with the major implementation occurring this summer. Each user will be notified of the timeframe for their upgrade.

What locations have Windows 8 on campus?

The Burke Library already has Windows 8 on all computers in the labs and in the public areas.

Getting started with Windows 7

Visit the Microsoft help site for more information on Windows 7